Re: MC 12000 Pressure Sensor


Be sure you have the right plate and bobbin case in. I had the 12000 for 6.5 years and my only issue was the foot pedal kept giving me a message to plug in. A new pedal replacement by my dealer no charge solved the problem. Sometimes sending the machine back to Janome is your only answer.

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Date: 7/26/19 10:24 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [onlinesewing-janome] MC 12000 Pressure Sensor

I see that I am not the only one who is having problems with the MC 12000 saying to make sure I have the right foot attached.  This happens every couple of stitches and I have had it cleaned, and in the shop at least 5 - 6 times and I am having no success with it.  I am really disappointed with this machine.

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