Re: Digitizer MBX v 5.5 upgrade from 5.0 installation question

Charles Maier

three cheers!!!
Janome called me and walked me through installation after all my problems.
I was so worried since there was so much talk about support, but they actually called me.
Then emailed me step by step directions.
My problems were with Corel Files imbedded in the register that did not delete.
I had to also uninstall MBX 5 which caused my problems.
I must have had an update or not an update.
PLEASE NOTE:  These problems were directed specifically to my computer and program.
Everyone else I know has had no problems.
Please don't worry about your installs.
JANOME TECH SERVICE was the best at helping me with MBX.
THANK TO ALL OF YOU for your help and suggestions also. It really helped reduce my stress.
Karen M

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