Re: Digitizer MBX v 5.5 upgrade from 5.0 installation question

Kaye Lessard

I upgraded from mbx 5.0 to 5.5 - it did say at one point to uninstall Corel which I did - I made sure I wAs online while installing upgrade and
Uninstalling Corel-
After I finished I had 2 mbx icons so contacted Janome and I uninstalled 5.0 mbx from programs - I had 5.5 still installed.
I made sure I was online when I did this
Was using mbx 5.5 no issues yet!
A few months later my computer crashed!!
I installed 5.5 from usb that came with upgrade while online no issues yet!!
Just got my new computer so will be installing
5.5 on it today!!!
Hopefully all goes well!!
Kaye In la

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