Re: Digitizer MBX v 5.5 upgrade from 5.0 installation question

Lyn Quine

I’ve   Upgraded to V5.5, had no problems at all with it or Corel.  I have upgraded from V4 Jr through V5 and now 5.5.  I have uninstalled all earlier versions on my PC things are all good.  I do make sure I ‘purge’ recovery and backup folders when I shut down and before I start the program, fingers crossed it’s ok.  The only issues I sometimes have is when windows and/or security software updates.  I sometimes have problems when I open the program if my PC or laptop is on the net (laptop is still V5 not enough memory for V5.5), so I always shut the net down and open the program once it’s up and running I can switch the net on.  That’s my security software or windows, interfering with it I’m sure.

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