Digitizer MBX v 5.5 upgrade from 5.0 installation question

Heather Penwell

Hi Jim
I purchased the 5.5 upgrade and am backing up my files before doing the installation of the upgrade. The “quick start guide” does not mention anything special about the installation process. Just plug in the USB and select the set-up.exe file to initiate the installation wizard.   I am backing up all my embroidery files to an external drive before proceeding with the installation. I checked that my computer meets the requirements and memory capacity is well within requirements. I  read the recent post regarding issues with the upgrade.  Is there anything else I should consider doing before proceeding? (Do I need to uninstall Corel?).  
By the way, the sticker shock for the upgrade was unexpectedly high. I hope it is worth it! 
Heather P. 

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