Re: Needle Assembly Shudders

Kim Cotcher

My machine has started to do this very thing! I am able to reset the needle position and it will start up. But maybe is is only going to get worse? Is there something I can do after it starts up to reset something?  Boy I am not looking forward to an expensive repair. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of this machine. You are amazing. When I go to my service technician with my notes of the problem and the fixes he just looks at me. Lol! I do my research of this list and go prepared!  Have a great day!

On Sat, Jul 20, 2019 at 5:39 PM <jfinn724@...> wrote:
Thank you very much Jim. This is exactly what we needed. We have passed it on to our dealer.

I have been lurking here for several years, and have always admired the sharing of information and help that the members offer. I am now a grateful recipient.


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