Re: flash drive

Jim Stutsman

There are a couple of possibilities here. First is the flash drive itself. Those devices are not "forever". The process of writing to them actually wears them out over time, and when the time runs out you will lose data. Never have your flash drive be the only place designs are stored! In your case, since the computer has no problem with the drives they are probably OK.

Which brings us to a not-so-great conclusion. It would appear that the USB port has failed. One weakness in the design of the Janome USB system is that it leaves the drives hanging out over the side of the machine. If it's in a cabinet, and a USB drive is plugged in, it can catch on the edge if the machine is pushed down into the cabinet. That can snap off the plastic piece that holds the USB contacts. Take a strong light and shine it into the USB connector you've been using for your flash drives. If you see what looks like a tangle of wires it means the plastic support is broken. It's on a separate board, so the part should not be horribly expensive, but there will be cost involved.

Did you by chance try BOTH USB ports? If one is damaged, the other one might still work. In any case, it would appear the problem is in the machine. So sorry!

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