flash drive


Hi, I have had my machine for about 1 year. Everything worked.  Last week, it would not recognize one of my
flash drives. Then it said, flash drive unusable. Which concerned me, I had a number of designs on that one.
I put it on my computer, and it worked fine. All the information was there.  So I tried another flash drive, that
came with the machine, that had designs on it, put it in the 15000, and it kept saying insert flash drive.
I tried it on #1 and #2. So is there something wrong with my flash drive unit. Could I have done something
and caused this to happen. I just purchased a laptop, with the intent to hook it up to the 15000. But I 
wasn't going to do, right now. Besides, I don't like the idea of something on my machine,that does not
work.  It is only about 4 years old, with only 13 sewing hours when I bought it.
I love this machine. Would you offer suggestions or a solution.
Thank You      Maureen

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