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Vikki Youngmeyer

I had that happen with my 15000 about a year ago. I took it to the shop where I bought it and the owner who is also a Janome service technician ordered the part and replaced it, but it didn’t fix it. She had me bring in the box and we packaged it up and shipped it back to Janome in New Jersey. One week later and about $100 in shipping costs I got it back and it has been working since then. I don’t know if it was a bad part or if other parts were involved and replaced. It was covered under warranty except for the shipping.


If one has to ship it, I would suggest contacting Janome and see if your dealer can get a shipping tag from them as it might be cheaper than dropping off to the UPS store. I’m guessing, but when I had it shipped out it was one cost and when they shipped it back, the cost was half what I paid.



Houston, TX


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We are in need of help.

When we turn on our MC 15000 the needle assembly shudders and the display says to raise the presser foot and turn off the machine. The presser foot does not raise, and the machine’s buttons are ineffective. When we turn the machine back on the same thing happens.


We took the machine to the Janome dealer in Arlington Heights, IL. They are a Janome authorized service center. The technician had trouble diagnosing the problem and sought help directly from Janome. He was told the zig zag motor needed to be replaced. When the new motor arrived and he installed it, exactly the same problem occurred. They are still trying to get a fix from Janome. They have had the machine for 5 weeks now. Today they told me that they are trying to reach a specific knowledgeable individual at Janome, who has not returned their calls.


Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? Jim, any thoughts?


Thank You!

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