Re: Spanish Hemstitch

Patricia Ward

Wow, Faviola, that is interesting.  How nice it would be if Janome made those Fagoting Pates to fit the 15000 as well; I am sure as an accessory that would sell.    

Maybe an educator can drop a suggestion to the designers in Japan?    Fingers crossed...  
But realistically.... I bet with a new TOL coming out no new accessories or anything will be made for the 15000...   it will become an  orphan.   But not all of us seniors can afford to keep purchasing the new TOL machines. 

Pat in MD

On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 11:15 AM favymtz <favymtz@...> wrote:
Elna also makes the attachment that can work on our Janome machine. They’re called “Fagoting Pates.” They fit in place of the bobbin cover. The ones I have fit on my Janome 12000 but not on my 15000 because the bobbin covers are different between the two. I don’t know enough about the Elna machines to recommend which model number might be compatible with a 15000, but a visit to a dealer could help. My Janome dealer(exclusive) ordered the plates for me, so it’s likely others can as well.

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