Re: Windows 10 S


I am running my 3D on windows 10.  Pfaff said I would have to upgrade but there are drivers out there and instructions.  I am wrangling twin grandsons at the moment but would have time in a week to send instructions if you need them.

On Jul 16, 2019, at 1:47 PM, itsatweetything <itsatweetything@...> wrote:

I should have looked at the requirements, before purchaseing, but I was
looking for something cheap, and, on a plus note, it is the color of Rose.
  I don't have Janome software.  I am using Windows 7, 
with my 3DEmbroidery System, which is an old software.
Do you think my $200.00 laptop with Windows 10 S, Would
still work?

Thank You for your help.

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