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Thanks everyone, Success!!!  I followed your advice and got it done.  Now I will format a bunch of them, for different categories  and have my old designs ready to go.  Many thanks.

Pat Kowalczyk


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I have the best luck using 2.0 usb's.  I get them on amazon really cheap. I but sets of either 10 or 20 and it keeps it in stock. I like putting categories on the sticks with a permanent marker and I always have them ready to go. amazon to me is the best prices for usb sticks 


Custom embroidery and stock designs

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Hi there, I live in Transylvania county.. south east of Asheville, near Brevard..lots of waterfalls and very beautiful. BUT no Janome dealers close. The one in Asheville is Bernina very focused ..
I hope Pat is able to format the USB's in her 15000. I just formatted some USB's , and it is so easy...First I have found using USB's with 2-16 GB are best..

Maybe  the 32 GB with the new  3.00 version, that I just put on my machine will now work.  QUESTION :   Does anyone have ideas on this?
First insert a USB into slot, & turn on your machine go to embroidery mode. Second, tap to SET with the little wrench sign scroll down to find page 5/5.
The Format is shown there. Follow directions to format ..remember if you have anything on a USB it will be erased. 
Does any have good results using a certain size USB ? 
I have to use a CD reader plugged into the computer to transfer designs, first to the  computer ( I'm trying to learn files) then put them on a USB. I wish there were a better way. Thanks, Elizabeth Mccall, Pisgah Forest, NC

On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 4:17 PM Tracy < TJOriginals@...> wrote:
To format a USB you should find the info on your machine under the Settings tab. Open it and look at the Embroidery settings. You may have to change pages to find the Format area. Put a blank USB stick in the machine before you turn it on. Then find Settings, Embroidery, Format. This should be in your owners manual also so look at the Settings info probably near the front of the book. I am not where I can look at a manual. Sorry.

Yes, it you format a USB that has designs on it, you lose them so be sure you have them stored elsewhere. When the USB is formatted, it puts a folder on it where the machine looks for designs and where you will copy/paste them to from your computer. Only put copies of designs on the USB.  Only use a 2gb or less stick.  Anything outside the folder will not be "seen" by the machine.  The machine looks at ALL the designs in the folder when you first open it on the machine. The more designs you have on the stick, the longer it takes to open and let you find what you are after. So that is why you should only put a few at a time in the USBs folder.  Stitch them, or remove them... Then put other designs on it.

Hope this helps. I am not sure how the WiFi features work. Maybe someone else can help with that.  Reading your manual is also a good idea and there is help on the Janome website under the Learning tab if you don't see info here.

Happy stitching!
Tracy in Nashville, TN
Martha Pullen Licensed Educator




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