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Maria Morrow

Ok I will thank you!

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On Jun 26, 2019, at 5:41 AM, Lorrie Gauthier <lorrie@...> wrote:

I had purchased eq8 through their website for whatever the regular price was at the time. I think I used the online chat (message me button bottom right) because I had a question and she gave me a bit off the regular price. I installed it on my pc. 

Then in I decided to switch completely to a Mac. I am using VMware on it to run Digitizer but decided it was worth the $25 migration fee to get a license for my Mac and installed that. Works like a charm. 

I think I'm allowed to use one installation on a pc and one on a Mac or both on the Mac but I only have it installed on the Mac right now. I quit the pc cold turkey. 

You might want want to email them and tell them what you have and ask how to go about getting what you need. Their customer support is wonderful. 

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