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June E Hudspeth

Thank you for the “great suggestions”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Think I will go with a batik fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Much easier and less stress 😊.


Thanks again,




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Having just put beads on an ornament project, practice before putting them on a quilt. I made the mistake of putting them too close to each other which made the unit pooch! I also found that taking a stitch putting on a bead then attaching that to the fabric followed up by a stitch that had no bead locked in the bead. So in other words stitch,  put on bead, stitch no bead, then stitch with a bead  - repeat! I found out from experimentation that an additional stitch after the bead stabilized the previous stitches. 


As for the window, I would throw the onus back on her to provide the glass fusible beads! An alternate solution would be to use a bright yellow or yellow/orange batik and blow off the glass fusible beads. You can’t work with what you can’t get; but a backup plan is always handy!


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Put the beads on after the quilt is totally finished.   


On Mon, Jun 24, 2019, 7:47 PM June E Hudspeth <juneeh@...> wrote:

Hi Everyone:  I am starting to make an applique lighthouse quilt and the designer says she used glass fusible beads for the window.  As hard as I've tried, I cannot find them anywhere.  I searched Amazon, JoAnn's, Michaels and Fire Mountain Gems.  

I've never even used them before.

Any hints, suggestions?

Thanks so much!  June

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