Re: Broken hook off bobbin holder on 15000

Jim Stutsman

The part number might correct, but the current parts list for the 15000 no longer lists individual parts on the entire bobbin assembly. It's simply one (very expensive) part that would take many hours to install. The confusion comes from the different style of the parts. Both pictures below are sold as #846632003:

The one on the right is the one you need. However the one on the left is available from, sold by GUR Sewing Machines in Birmingham. They probably have the one on the right, but it's not listed on their website. If you can't get the correct one, all is not lost. The part that broke off is actually held on to the larger part with a small cross point screw. I have disassembled and reassembled many of these to straighten the bent bit. Of course once it's broken off there is no straightening, but you could migrate that part from the new incorrect stopper to the old correct stopper. You just need good light, a work area that will impede tiny parts from falling into oblivion (black fabric might work), a very small cross point screwdriver and a #2 cross point driver for installing it. Take photos before and during disassembly, as it will help on reassembly. Once you have a workable stopper you can install it. The lever that extends over the back of the bobbin case is held in place by the bracket at the back of the stopper. Positioning of the stopper is VERY important. You want it so the bobbin case has a bit of wiggle. If it can't move, then the thread won't be able to slip between the case and the stopper. The stopper should be fully aligned with the "bump" on the bobbin case. If too far toward the front of the machine, the case can slip past and spin out. If too far back it won't allow proper thread movement. You also want that little spring (which broke) to be at 90 degrees to the front edge of the machine. I would suggest putting in the stopper, tightening the holding screw just enough to keep it from moving. Then turn the hand wheel through several stitches with the bobbin cover off so you can observe thread movement. If it seems good, tighten fully and stitch slowly. If anything wonky happens adjust as needed. This task is fiddly, but you can do it. Probably a good thing to do while the outside temperature is driving folks to Hades where it's cooler.

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