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Elizabeth Mccall

Thanks, for the help...I do know how to format  the  USB's  & had my Janome 15000 in for a full update  this month. So i'm hoping that will help it work more quickly on reading a USB..  My Janome Dealer is closing , so Ihave very limited help ion my area of Western North Carolina. I would just love to purchase USB's from any one that has patterns for sale for the Janome 15000. I hope this day will come where we can order them from dealers on line. It would really help those of us "in the woods.". The dealer in Asheville, NC doesn't really service or carry much for Jamone, as they sell Bernina  & the machine service is backed up.  I have driven 3 hours  east of here to a service in Hildebrand, NC,. left my machine & driven back and forth ...long days.
Thanks for your time and correspondence. I appreciate hearing from other Janome users.
I purrchased the "MY JANOME APP" for my i-pad and it is really GREAT ! ☺Did Jim do this program?  I do want to learn more. !!
Eliz. Ann Mccall 

On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 1:18 PM Cheryl Paul <capaul@...> wrote:
If you haven’t used a USB that has been formatted by your Janome Embroidery machine, it may not be recognized by the sewing machine.  To solve this problem, just put a clean USB in the machine USB slot and the machine will place what it needs onto the USB and then you’ll be good to go.  Now if you purchase a USB that has designs already there and it hasn’t been from Janome, I’m not sure what happens.  I haven’t had that experience yet, but I expect that we will soon be able to buy a USB with designs already there, like we did with CD;s and DVD;s and in the first days of computers and the diskette days.  I did purchase a RE18 hoop from my Janome dealer and with it came a USB that had all the designs that came with that hoop already on it, but it came from Janome so it was good to go.

I hope I haven’t confused you, but if I did I know that Jim will step in and explain it better - right Jim?

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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