Re: Embroidery help- and a website


I agree with Jim's comment about the Floriani Workbook re: stabilizers and what to use when.  It's a free download from RNK Distributing.  I've used it often while learning and use floriani stabilizer when I can afford it and other brands when I cannot.
As for websites for designs - when you are ready for In The Hoop projects - my favorite site is  Reen's projects all have linings and no raw edges, they stitch well and her directions are wonderful.  Take your first one slow and easy, read the instructions and make sure your hoop looks like the one in the photo for each step.  After you do one - you'll be able to do any of them.  Putting a zipper in while doing machine embroidery is loads of fun!

Happy stitching!
Tracy in Nashville, TN
Martha Pullen Licensed Educator

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