Re: Fringe Foot

Jim Stutsman

Glad to help Elizabeth! Yes, lots of folks do connect their computer directly to the machine. From the 10000 and later it can be done by a USB cable. For the 15000 and Skyline S9 you also have the option of WiFi. You can find a lot of information related to your machine in our My 15000 app. For stabilizers Floriani has a free app that covers their products, but even if you choose other brands it gives good advice on what to use for various projects. I'll leave it to others to recommend design sites, as I have several lifetimes worth of designs already.

One item worthy of note for all list members - writing in all-caps is generally not a good idea, as it makes the text more difficult to read. It's also considered "shouting", since the silent nature of email makes it hard to emphasize something by speaking louder. Unfortunately the Caps-Lock key seems to be very difficult to kill, as it appears on every keyboard. This is curious, since it is probably hit by accident at least 98% of the time!

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