Re: Nerd Alert


Hi Jim,

thanks for the heads-up! As you can image I was also sticking to my iPad watching the WWDC Keynote ... and the extension of file management to access USB sticks caught my attention, too. At least for StitchBuddy I'm consider switching to Apple's "Document Browser", so the app would directly profit from this USB integration. Then exporting designs to embroidery machines' thumb drives would become so much easier, without an additional app or even a computer. Unfortunately that will come at a cost with regards to synching thread palette information in StitchBuddy - so currently I have filed a corresponding bug report at Apple and haven't made up my mind, yet.

Okay, sorry for all that mumbo jumbo, but in a nerd alert I couldn't contain myself. I'm thrilled about the new opportunities, but now ... Happy sewing :)


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