Question for Jim on 15000 Horizon

mimi jo

A cord like string was sticking up and out the tiny hole at bottom of bobbin case. It was under the bobbin when I changed bobbin after having machine's annual service.   I thought it was fuzz. It came out of the tiny screw hole you can see when you examine the bobbin casing.  It wasn't fuzz noted as I cleaned it,  but a cord like string.  It came out.  What does it do and should I put it back?  I might be able to take a picture of it if my description is lacking.  Machine embroiders fine, but better with red dot case, now. I heard that the yellow dot bobbin case might need replacing because they wear out. Service tech did not recommend but was not having any problems before service.
Really thank you for your knowledge and for administering the group.  You are appreciated.  
Big hugs, Jo Ann

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