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Vicki I upgraded from my 7700QCP to the 9400QCP right before the 9450 came out.  In reality they are the same machine with the same features.  I do not regret upgrading at all.  The new HP foot is a dream.  I probably would not have upgraded but I screwed up my needle bar attaching my dual feed foot which had always been a nightmare to attach.  I had just traded in my 12,000 for the 15000Quiltmaker 6 months before and had the same foot and plate on that machine however it is great to now have the best of both worlds and I can interchange the dual feed feet with the 15,000 so that in turn saves me on purchasing additional feet for the 9400. I had both my 12,000 and my 7700 for 6 years and never had an issue with anyone of them till the 7700.  Hope this helps.


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Anyone upgrade to 9450 from a 7700 and what do you think 

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