Re: different hoop size on 12000

Joyce Daniel

Thanks a ton to all who so quickly replied. Looks like I had already updated my 12000. You would think I would have remembered this as it's quite involved to do. But, I figured out where to find my 5x7 hoop on page 2. Yeah!! Thanks!!

Now, wondering.....the arm of my 12000 "squeaks" as it moves in/out of embroidery mode. Does it need cleaning/oiling and if so, how/where do I do that?

And, I was embroidering a 6 color design from Urban Threads. After color 4, I had to change to a new bobbin which meant removing the hoop. When I started again, color 5 did not stitch in the correct spot. I had to turn off the machine, restart it and then color 5 was correct. Anyone have this happen? And if so, why?

Joyce in GA where we just got 3+ " of very much appreciated rain. Happy Mother's Day!!

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