Re: AcuSetter and other APP's

Cheryl Paul


The only APP that was “given” was for AcuDesign as that one wan’t free to anyone but those that got a 15000 Version 2 embroidery machine. It may have come with others but I know it wasn’t “free” to me as I got my 15000 - 1st one sold in Saskatoon (I really was a keener that year) and I purchased my APP somewhere down the road before Version 2 of the machine was out. I’m not sure if it is still given when one buys a new machine as I don’t know anyone that has made a recent purchase. All the other Janome APPS are free from the iTunes Store. YouTube has a “Janome Channel” so there is lots available there too, but Jim and Diane’s are still the best for learning our wonderful Janome machines.

I watched the Pocono Sew and Vac YouTube video and found it very good - however the girl talked so fast that I had to watch it several times to follow along and do what she was explaining. I also thought that she might have used a design that was a little wonky so that it would really show a re-alignment. The lines were good though. However, maybe what I’m dreaming would have been too much at one time. My brain seems to work overtime and that isn’t always a good thing.

I have a question: Is there anyone else out there that uses ALL the devices you have to complete the task and then find out that ONE would have been all that was really necessary? At almost 74 years old, I find that I seem to do that quite often and always have, so it’s not an age thing for me. Maybe I’m just OCD and I’m not going to get medicated or analyzed to find out- I’ll just muddle along as usual.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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