Re: AcuSetter

Jim Stutsman

There is, but it's not so easy. With the 8000 we used a device call "The Amazing Box". It was amazing, in that the software was amazingly bad, but we did eventually get all of the 8000 cards extracted. The 9000 cards could be read with the Scan & Sew PC, so it was a little easier. The 10000 cards could be downloaded direct from the machine, so those were the easiest. About 10-12 years ago Janome made a special offer whereby you could send in your cards and they would return a CD containing the designs. That expired long ago, and there are very few of the "box" products left on the market. The best of those was one from the Netherlands called "Card2PC" or something similar. It's been longer than my memory, so the name may not be right.

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