Yes to Dropbox

Maria Morrow

Hello Candy,

I went to my computer to respond, just because I wanted to be able to type a LONG response!

YES YES YES!!!  Dropbox is SO worth the monthly fee.  I think my plan is $9.99 a month for a terabyte of storage.

When I save a file, it saves on my local hard drive and also in Dropbox.  I can access any file from any device on which I have loaded the Dropbox app and logged into Dropbox.  


GROCERY LIST:  You’re are the grocery store and you can access your recipes you’ve saved in your recipe folder!  

HOW MUCH FABRIC DO I NEED?  You need certain yardage for a pattern…and you’ve been SO diligent to scan every pattern you own, or at least every pattern you are working on and save to a folder you’ve created in Dropbox for quilting patterns.  Bam! You can look it up on your phone and get the right yardage.

I also use an app called Turboscan which is about $5 (one time).  On the run, I can scan any document or photo for a pdf image that I can send to anyone.

Back to Dropbox.  The Dropbox folder list can be showing on your file list on your computer,  along with other files and folders you have whether you have a PC and go to Explorer, or a Mac and go to Finder.  I don’t save any files to my local hard drive only.  I always save to Dropbox. Also, there is a Dropbox symbol at the top of my Mac.  When I hit that, I can then next click on the globe.  This lets me go to all my Dropbox folders online.  

OOPS I DELETED A FILE!!  What if you accidentally deleted a file, and also emptied your trash bin?  No problem.  Dropbox has prior versions of all your files for the time period you have specified in settings.

I have a few quilty-besties with whom I have shared my CRAFTS folder.  In there is everything I have scanned/saved, downloaded, you name it, related to crafts.  I have shared this folder with them so they can benefit from things I’ve saved and vice versa.  (Not saying we infringe on any copyrights here.)  

You can share folders with people that can view them only, or select the option that lets them save and edit.  

TUTORIALS:  Yes, you will have to watch some tutorials to get the hang of using it.  That’s because it is a powerful app, and does a lot of things.  Now and then I’ve had some problems getting Dropbox to sync (add all the folders) on a device, or to sync when I’ve helped someone else get started. If that happens, just unload it (uninstall) it.  Your files are always there…you just have to reload the app, login, and your files will appear.

It will take a while to get the hang of it, but like other powerful apps, there’s a world of help out there.  Just google your question if you get stuck and usually you can figure your way out!

Maria Morrow

On Apr 23, 2019, at 3:40 PM, candy <candycgill@...> wrote:

I have seen Dropbox recommended many times.  I downloaded it, but I’m not sure how to use it.  Are there good directions or tutorials?   Do many of you use Dropbox?  Do you find it worthwhile?

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