Re: Newbie to group

Cheryl Alm

Great idea!  I use the Books app on my iPad for anything I can save or render as a pdf.  If I’m working in Janome Digitizer on my laptop I can use the print function to save the embroidery information as a pdf.  After I save it, I email it to myself and open it on my iPad and save it in Books. 

On Apr 23, 2019, at 12:46 PM, Lyn Quine <lynquine@...> wrote:

I use my ipad/iphone for the colour charts, saves paper and ink.  If I send the information to dropbox I can view it with whatever device I need, and I’m then not mislaying and having to reprint again.  I have so many designs to have a colour chart for each one,  I’d need an archive room to store it all, but my dropbox doesn’t get any heavier, I can delete it if I want but I will have another copy in the design folder on my computer and laptop, which I can drop into the dropbox folder to view in my sewing room when I send the design to my machine or USB. 

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