Re: Bobbin question


I have noticed lately I have had issues with the pink bobbins breaking when I embroider. I self wind them with Janome bobbin thread. My clear bobbins I self wind with other brands of bobbin thread for regular sewing because when I try to embroider with non-Janome bobbin thread I've had issues. First I hear a clunk then I remove the hoop to find a large bird's nest trying to embroider. Then when I remove the bobbin to inspect a piece has broken off in a diagonal. Of course my issues always seem to happen when I'm in a hurry or with someone else - lol. This past weekend I was embroidering a Minkee Pals bunny with my granddaughter, and of course, had to tear out his nose 3 times before I realized the bobbin had cracked and then broken when I removed it. Fortunately I was able to continue on without issues to finish it before her bedtime. That is a very cute pattern if any of you have not heard of it. Here's a link to purchase it. They are tiny cuddly animals.

Cynthia from sunny but windy Virginia

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