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J Fraker

I bought some of the blue and the pink Janome bobbins. They were the rubber infused kind.  I could not use them in my 12000.  It's like the rubber in them was causing them to stick to the bobbin case and they kept jumping up and down as I was sewing.  My machine would skip stitches or end up with thread nests.  I went back to the regular plastic bobbins and everything works fine.

On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 11:23 AM Ceil J <cjancola@...> wrote:
I bought a box of pink Janome bobbins and a box of blue supposedly so I could tell apart the cotton and poly thread (but you can really tell just by looking at the thread).  Anyway, the pink have the J and the blue do not.  I put them behind my back and felt them to see if they had a different "flex" or if I could tell them apart by how they feel and I could not.  They look the same except for the J and they both work the same.  I've never had a problem with class 15 bobbins and have an assortment dating back to the 80's. After the discussions about the so-called superior J bobbins I went through my collection and found a few with the J but most do not have it.  I even found one with a "9" or "6" on it.  I have a prewound pack of Janome bobbins that don't have the J. Some do tend to have a very slight curve towards the center and others do seem flat but they all seem to work well.  When I first had my MC6000 (New Home) in the late 80's I even used metal bobbins in it before I found out several years ago that this was a no-no.  I would never put a metal bobbin in my 15000 but I never had a problem with the 6000 and it still runs like a dream (but no more metal bobbins!)

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The bobbins marked with 'B' are genuine Janome, but were made before they started infusing the plastic with rubber. There may be some J bobbins like that as well. I don't know if the J stamp was done for the rubber-infused ones, or if it was in use before that. No suggestions - just use and enjoy!

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