Re: iron cleaning

Maria Morrow

I have found that the base of the iron affects what comes off easily. With my cheap $10 iron with a coated plate (not shiny steel), I heat I up, then as it is cooling, when it’s still quite warm but not cold, I use a wet Magic Eraser and everything comes off. With my also cheap, but $30 iron with a stainless steel plate, it took the whole house worth of solutions to get scorched starch off of it. 

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On Apr 6, 2019, at 3:59 PM, Lyn Quine <lynquine@...> wrote:

They say rubbing the base of a warm/heated iron with a paracetamol tablet , use a cloth obviously, in the States it would be Acetaminophen.  It helps to remove more than just headaches!  Lol

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