Re: Bobbin cases

Cheryl Paul

Hi Elizabeth,

Embroidery Library and Embroidery Designs (2 separate sites) have nice designs at a reasonable price. I’ve also got designs from Sew Swell, Zundt, Sue Box and others that are well digitized and very nice but a bit more money. Just use “Mr. Google”, you’ll get so many sites. It is best to purchase ones that are JEF format, however, many come in all the formats and you just pick out the JEF ones to stitch out. Remember that the stitch limit is 200,000 stitches on the 15000, but most of the designs don’t reach anywhere near that amount, so it shouldn’t be a concern unless the design is bigger than the hoop size for the machine. The 2 things to watch are stitch count, and the size of the design and of course the format as well.

I found it difficult to read your post as you typed it all in upper case letters - that makes it look as if everything you are saying is VERY important - Just an observation. However, we like to hear from everyone no matter how you type. I worked as a typist so I find it easy to do, but not everyone does.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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