Re: Bobbin cases

Lyn Quine

I haven’t been able to buy Janome prewounds for a few years.  I was told by Janome UK they are no longer for sale which is a shame because they were brilliant, and I was told to use the normal bobbin case because, the normal one is set to the tension for Janome bobbin thread.  The yellow dot is for non Janome thread.  I used to buy them packaged in the Janome packaging.  If they aren’t in the packaging I would be reluctant to buy them.

As far as the Janome bobbins are concerned, I asked Janome UK if the Janome bobbins have the J on them and was told that only those that are sold loose by a dealer have the J, that is so they can be sure they are selling the correct ones as they aren’t packaged in the normal Janome packaging.  I always buy a pack now so that I can be certain they are genuine and I don’t have to make sure there is a J on loose ones.  I agree that the ones that are sold under a different name as suitable for multi brands are generic so are not quite the right size.  If you are lucky enough to be able to buy the genuine prewound bobbins that’s great, I wish I could, and I have never had one break when I have used it again, I always kept them for normal sewing thread, they should be ok as they are just standard Janome bobbins as I understand it.

One lady I met at a workshop, she was using bright coloured bobbins in her 9900, and the tension was awful, not surprising really they were for husqvarna machines, but she thought they looked pretty in the box!  

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