Re: New Owner of a used Janome 6500 Memorycraft - March 2019


I had a 6500 and did a lot of piecing and quilting with it, but only with the walking foot. I upgraded to a MC1200 with AccuQuilt addition when it came out because I just couldn't ever control the quilt well enough to do even "adequate" free motion quilting on a large project. The problem was the large quilt bulk and weight. It was not the 6500 at all because I could do placemats and smaller baby quilts very well. I'm 70, with wrist issues that make it more difficult with any machine. So, what I do is a modified quilt-as-you-go for larger quilts and use a design with sashing between blocks. Depending on the size, I assemble the top in 2 or 3 vertical sections, layer each with slightly oversize batting and backing, then quilt each but not the adjoining sashing part. The unquilted sashing is used to join the sections. I learned it from Marti Michell's book Machine Quilting in Sections, but there are lots of videos online showing the process. Where there's a will, there's a way....

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