Re: Bobbin cases

Lyn Quine

I may be committing the sin of sins and ultimately shot down in flames, but i would tighten the top tension on the design screen.  When you change designs it will revert to default.  My argument is, if we aren’t supposed to change tension why are we given the ability to do it.  If we aren’t supposed to change the tension we wouldn’t be able to.  I would rather adjust the top tension where I can press a key to change it than turn a screw to adjust a bobbin case where there is no default.  To tighten the top tension go up to loosen go down.  

In my experience.a design can affect tension , i have a set of designs, i have done them on all 3 of my machines, and i have tension problems in the same place on all three machines, one is adjustable the other 2 are auto tension. I think it is the direction of the stitches that are the problem, i now stop the machine on at that point, change the tension, at the end of that section i change it back and i no longer have bobbin thread showing.  

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