Bobbin cases

Carole O'Mara

I am quilting (a single run purchased design) on a table runner on the 15000 in embroidery mode.  Using the red dot bobbin case, I did a test using the same top, batting and backing and the design looked good front & back.  I did the first block of the runner and it was a mess on the back--loopy, very loose.  I switched to the yellow dot bobbin case and the results were better but certainly not good.  I have not tried the blue dot as it is recommended for FM and has a loose tension.  I am using 40wt variegated thread by Sulky in both top and bobbin.  I'm wondering now if the thread is the culprit, but I've used 40wt top and bottom on other projects with good results.  Which bobbin case  should I use for quilting using embroidery mode?
Thanks, Carole

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