locked Re: Upcoming MC15000 videos

Jim Stutsman

The random nature of group email lists sometimes leads to large disparity in timing. This post started last year, and is no longer relevant. However the questions asked are still valid, so here’s my take on them:

  1. This issue has been common for a lot of people. If you haven’t tried it yet, try the technique in this video, about 3 minutes in.
  2. Not sure this is a question. Horizon Link Suite is pretty well covered in our My 15000 app.
  3. AcuDesign is without a doubt the most frustrating app that Janome has. The current version is 3.1, last updated a year ago. I tried it this morning on an iPad that I had not used it on before. Immediately after launching it offered to link to Dropbox. I did that and was able to import designs without any issues. However in trying to verify that I had the latest version (unsuccessful), I opened Settings and was surprised to see that Dropbox was showing as disabled. Yet it works. As Linus, from the comic strip “Peanuts” used to say, there is no heavier burden than a great potential. Try removing the app entirely, then downloading again. You will not have to pay again, and if you did purchase the lettering option you can restore the purchase without paying again. That might get it working again.

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