locked Re: Upcoming MC15000 videos

Lyn Quine

Thank you your help is much appreciated.

1.  Both my 15000 an 12000, the thread jumps out of the take up lever sometimes in embroidery mode

2.  I have Digitizer V5.5 and providing I make sure to purge the back up and recovery regularly I have few problems, I’ve never got to grips with HL as I have 5.5 but I would like to use it for the sewing side.  

3.  My biggest problem with the iPad apps is Acudesign no longer links to dropbox and try as I might I cannot relink it.  It worked when I first got the Acudesign suite, but dropbox updated and the link was lost.  I have tried many times to get it linked but to no avail.  

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