Lisa Powell

Is my little machine on the fritz? I used my Viking 6D software to create some lettering. When I brought it up on the screen of my machine, I used the edit feature to center the block of text on my project. Then when it started sewing, it started with the 4th row, putting the first letter right in the middle instead of off to the left where it belonged. If it had continued to sew that entire line, it would’ve run into the hoop! And even though it looked okay on the right side, there was no bobbin thread visible at all underneath. It had pulled the top embroidery thread under, making it almost look like chenille letters on the wrong side. I have pictures, but don’t know how to add them.
I have a 12000, but it’s just so handy to use my 350e when I have a small project like this. Thanks for any insight anyone might have!!

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