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Cheryl Alm

Kk2000 is a temporary spray adhesive and is non- toxic.

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If you are looking for a temporary glue that isn’t a spray – UHU Stic adhesive is a glue stick. I use it when doing applique in the embroidery hoop. I have no luck spraying any glue on small embroidery applique pieces without it getting the spray on everything else!



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Many machine embroiderers use 505 temporary adhesive, just a light spray applied to the hoop away from the machine to hold applique pieces and it doesnt seem to gunge up the needle, advantage being its repositionable.  I don’t know if it is available all over the world or just here in the UK, im sure there are temporary fabri glues availableunder different names.  Ive never heard of or used steam a seam, but I now know not to use it.  Thank you for the heads up.

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