iPad upgrade

Jim Stutsman

I am currently working on a new iPhone/iPad app to be released in late spring or early summer. To get all the features I need in this app it needs to be based on iOS 12 or later. If you are currently using iOS 10 or later, you will have no problem as those models can be updated to 12. However if you have one of the iPads that Janome offered free you will be frozen at iOS 9. They simply are not powerful enough to upgrade. Our existing apps will continue to run on those models, and the content will continue to update. However the actual apps will not be able to be updated, so any new features we may add will not appear on older devices. Most people update iPhones every few years just because of the wear and tear, or better options on new models. iPads tend to go much longer between updates, though. When the battery goes they must be upgraded, since the battery is not replaceable.

If you are nursing an older iPad you may be interested in two new models just released by Apple. The iPad Air now has support for the Apple Pencil (1st gen), starting at $500. There is also a new iPad Mini, also with support for the 1st gen Apple Pencil, starting at $400. If you have a local Apple store you may also have some trade-in value on your existing iPad.

This has been an unpaid, public service announcement.

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