Re: New Owner of a used Janome 6500 Memorycraft - March 2019

Cheryl Alm

I bought a brand new 6500 in September.   I owned one several years ago and traded it when I bought my 12000.  This is an awesome machine.  I also owned a 6600 but prefer the 6500.  Just checked Amazon and there are still a few for sale.

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I had a 6500 and ran it into the ground! It took a while! Any 6500s out there now are used and the 6600 and 6700 have replaced that model. The older 6600s are a lot better than the 6500s.



Houston, TX


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Good to hear and thank you for responding. Do you use it for machine quilting? That's the main reason I wanted another machine - because the Kenmore was just being strained to its max. I'm hoping this 6500 is a bit sturdier. Anyway, I'm a slow quilter - producing a quilt or two every year or two. I'm also elderly so I'm more methodocial and careful. I've just installed the even feed foot yesterday and it worked great on a sampler quilt I'm using for testing. I'm about to install the darning/quilting foot and see how it performs on free motion quilting. Any tips you may give me would be most appreciated.

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