Re: Buying a Mac what do I need to run mbx/windows

Jim Stutsman

We pretty well covered that in this document:
I'm more partial to VMware Fusion than Parallels, though I've used both and started with Parallels. The main gripe I had with Parallels was continual updates that frequently broke my Virtual Machine. Fusion does not benchmark as fast, though it is plenty fast enough and is rock solid reliable.

It won't hurt to hold off until the 26th, in case Apple does release something in their event on the 25th of March, 2019. Rumor has it that the announcement is all about their streaming video service, rumored to be coming for years. I would recommend that you actually go to a store and try the MacBook Pro keyboard before buying. They redesigned the keyboard two years ago. The first version was terrible, due to early and widespread failures. These were cited as being due to dust particles getting into the keyboard and it was redesigned a year later to include a dust barrier. Many still don't like it. Meanwhile the MacBook Air has been redesigned to (finally) have a retina screen for ease on the eyes. Regardless of which MacBook you get, you may still want a large external monitor for digitizing.

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