Re: Tips to check automatic needle threader?


Virginia: yes, the needles are in the right way. I tried Organ, Schmetz, Janome Blue,Red and Purple tip ones.
When it happened it was a needle I had in the machine Organ 90/14. I then tried the Janome ones and then
a Schmetz but all failed. I've had no issues with using the automatic threader with Schmetz. And of course the
threader goes so fast it is hard to tell if it is missing the eye of the needle or if the threader is just malfunctioning. 
The dealer will have to look at it. It is a long trip to the dealer and they did respond that they do have replacement
part, if needed. Just have to find a day when no snow is in the forecast. LOL
I've gotten spoiled with the automatic threader and when going back to hand threading is
not so easy. 

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