Moving and need new sewing area

Pam from Warm and Sunny Florida

Hi all, it’s Pam from Central NY, but moving to to Port St John Florida in April if all goes well. I was hoping my Florida sewing friends would know where the great sewing stores are in that area. We are excited, nervous, scared and more nervous! I know it will be fine, but letting go of 40 years plus is going to be hard. I am hoping there will be some great sewing stores to lead me on new adventures. We are selling most everything, but not my Janome 15000 or featherweights. Also taking my Koala quilt sewing table and squeezing it in a little room. Can’t wait to see what is available since most of my stash will go to my daughter. Thank you for any input about what might be in my new area. (Near Merritt island)

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