Re: Bobbin issues

Lyn Quine

Have you adjusted the bobbin warning in settings?  You set it for both sewing and embroidery.  I have m8ne set to .5 and keep it going until the machine refuses.  If there isn’t much more to do I turn the setting to 0, which means it will run out so be careful.  I do the same on the 15 and 12000.  I can usually get 3000 more stitches out of it.  I also use a generic bobbin thread in the yellow dot case, but I us an 80/2, that means it’s thinner and I can get more on the bobb8n.  I always use Janome bobbins, I won’t use generics they bounce they arenit quite yhenright size.  I’ve managed to find a Gunold bobbin thread that is 100/2 so even thinner, more goes on the bobbin and will go further.

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