Re: Looking hand embroidery type stitches on 15000

Jim Stutsman

No, it's an extension. The right angle end plugs into your machine, and the other end is brought up to the surface of your cabinet. You can then plug in a USB stick into that end. If you want to connect your computer directly to the USB port on the machine you would need a different type of connector:

Either way, you are essentially "moving" a USB port from the machine below the cabinet surface to above where it can be connected. Of course you will still need some clearance, even with a right-angle plug. Once you have installed the extension you would just leave it there for convenience. Because of the spacing of the USB ports on the machine, I don't think there would be room to extend both ports. If you want to connect your computer to the machine via USB cable then just pick the one linked above. If you want to use the USB stick, choose the one in my previous post.

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