Re: Question for Memory Craft 15000 owners #poll

Lyn Quine

I use USB drives mainly, but I also use Janome V5.5 software and send the design with WiFi sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  I have tried using the laptop connected but I’m rather reluctant to connect it, I’m always worried that something could crash either or both, and that could be very costly.  Personally I prefer USB.  I have the iPad apps, I’m currently 7nable to use the acudesign with Dropbox, Dropbox was updated and since then I haven’t been able to load into the acudesign from it.  I do have a USB stick that works on the PC and the iPad, but I can’t seem to get acudesign to download to that either.  But I can sometimes connect WiFi through one of the other apps.

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