Re: Question for Memory Craft 15000 owners #poll

Cat - N

I use a Windows PC and iPad for the 15000...because...that is what works with the 15000. 

My phone choice is Blackberry, which runs both Blackberry (BBOS v.10) and Android apps, and I have Android tablets as well.

To vote 'necessarily' included 'iPhone' because that was the 'closest' choice to what applies to me, but I do not have an iPhone, nor likely will I ever again, so an iPhone app would not be something I would be interested in...nor am I requesting Blackberry or Android apps.  :-)

Sorry...I could not vote 'exactly' what I use...I hope I didn't mess up your poll.

I appreciate all the effort you put into this group, and the iPad apps, which I also have, and I understand complexities with Android and even PC apps.  Thank you so much!

- Cat

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