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Hi again Diane.  I thought that it needed a second side zipper.  Trust me it is not easy to design, make and write instructions.  I am about done with mine and will add the second the second zipper. I did make a few changes along the way for myself.  I will post pictures when I finish.  I decided to use duck cloth on the top and a printed design on that instead of doing the embroidery designs and then did back it with canvas using fusible batting in  between the front and back.  I also decided to line my pockets and used fusible batting between them.  It has bee a little challenging with the weight of it along the way, but I wanted to be sure that the hoops will stay sturdy.  thank you again so much for the pattern.  I have been thinking about this since it first came out when I had my 12,000 and decided now that I have my 15,000 I better get going.

Will post pictures later,

Virginia (Ginger)  

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Oh my gosh. It should say 2 -24” zippers. This project was several years ago and lots of people made it so I can only guess that there was a later version and somehow we grabbed the wrong one this time. I’m so sorry.

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The picture doesn't show that. It sees one separated .

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The side zipper is one zipper completely separated, with half of it sewn on each side. When you put on the pull it will join the two halves and zip it up.

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