Re: Thread problem? Photos

Barbara Dierolf

As an update on this thread issue, after trying every single suggestion with still no improvement, I went on line to Superior Threads and started researching thread problems.
I found the Thread doctor talking about how a spool is wound and how to sew from a wound spool vs. a cross-wound spool.  The spool I was using is cross-wound and I had it mounting on the Janome thread spool pin horizontally.  According to the thread doctor, cross-wound spools need to feed from a vertical (upright) position.  Does Janome even have an upright pin for this situation?  I placed my thread on a separate spool stand located on my sewing table to the right of my MC15000 and then threaded as usual.  My machine immediately sewed every stitch perfectly!  No shredding, no clumping, no breaking, just nice smooth perfect stitching.  
Why didn't I learn this sooner?  Maybe because this was the first time I was using a small size cross-wound thread.  I usually use either 2000 or 5000 yard large cones and always use those with a separate thread stand.  

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