Re: Quilt in the Hoop Design

Patricia Ward


This is a very helpful App and what I have done numerous times is use the smaller size block to make a block of 4 in a design that I use in a quilt with some embroidery blocks or solid fabric or even another type of block.  That works out quite well if you don't want the entire quilt made with App blocks.  However these are very versatile and you can make an entire project with it. 

If you go to and click on QIH in the left column you can then see on the right a list of some of the projects that are there to teach you how to use the App to make a project.  That is the beginning... then just let your creativity work for you and make your own things.  

Pat in MD

On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 2:33 PM Nyssa Lanzafame <Nyssajoe@...> wrote:
Hello, i have been saving for Apps,  I am trying to decide on the Quilt in the Hoop App.  What i am really wondering is, can I add more designs?  creating my own blocks, and quilting patterns? or just combine the existing ones?

Also I have fallen down many rabbit holes in searching this group LOL! Including watching all of the videos and looking at the blog (Is there a way to search the blog?!)  Its all great stuff, but very time consuming and so i have lost a whole sewing day and done no sewing.  

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